Managing Remote Teams During COVID-19

By February 15, 2021

Summary: Rapid assessment of the situation and implementation of necessary changes allowed Xenon Health to continue providing high-quality anesthesia services throughout the COVID-19 pandemic through efficient remote management of each team. 




The COVID-19 pandemic rapidly evolved through 2020 and into 2021, necessitating the adoption of remote work policies as well as flexibility to adapt to the changing situationIn addition to protecting patient information and ensuring client satisfaction, Xenon Health leadership needed to protect morale, facilitate communication, and maintain productivity. 




The Xenon Health team quickly assessed and prioritized needs, such as selecting a secured communications platform, developing remote communication guidelinesand ensuring that each team member had access to the appropriate technology and equipment for their projects. In particular, team leaders emphasized clear communication about expectations, using regular reports to replace in-person meetings, and seeking feedback from individual team members to provide better support. Office staff were trained to use new software and equipment to ensure a smooth transition. With regular progress evaluations, the team was able to refine robust remote work policies. 




Xenon Health rapidly adapted to the demands of remote work, both during initial COVID-19 restrictions and during subsequent fluctuations in the public health situation. As a result, high-quality anesthesia services for our client facilities remained uninterrupted. Furthermore, Xenon Health’s adaptability facilitated company growth during the COVID-19 pandemic.