What services does Xenon Health provide?

Xenon Health is comprehensive anesthesia management company that delivers the full spectrum of anesthesia services including recruiting, credentialing, staffing, scheduling, revenue cycle management and supply logistic oversight. For office-based surgical practices, we initially and continuously provide all the requisite equipment and supplies for anesthesia services. We provide a detailed policy and procedure manual for anesthesia services and ongoing support through peer review, meetings with key stakeholders and quality improvement protocols.

With so much focus on costs, how can Xenon Health help us provide more cost-effective services?

We have an experienced team of management experts with decades of clinical and administrative experience. Our management infrastructure allows us to bring operational efficiencies to the table. A key example is through more efficient coding, billing and collections. Our revenue cycle team is experienced at maximizing revenue. We have reduced or even eliminated subsidy payments from client facilities. We are experts at negotiating with payers and effectively minimizing patient out of pocket expenses. Our recruiting team ensures consistent coverage through responsible anesthesia professionals. Case delays and schedule alterations are eliminated, driving efficiency and effective resource utilization.

What is the advantage of using a national management company instead of our local group(s)?

Our providers are drawn from your local community. You may have worked with them in the past. We effectively partner with them to provide an infrastructure that frees them of administrative workloads. Their sole focus becomes quality clinical care delivery. This is a winning situation for all parties: the patients, the surgeons and the anesthesia professionals.

We want choice. We do not want to be tied down by an anesthesia group or company if we are not happy with their services. What can Xenon deliver with respect to this?

Xenon Health offers flexible service agreements to all clients. We are here to help, not hinder progress. Client facilities are not tied down with long term contracts with rigid terms. The burden to perform is on us.

Will you send the same anesthesia provider(s) each time?

Xenon Health strives to provide continuity of care. We feel it is gives clients and providers a sense of confidence and familiarity and is an important facet of patient safety. We are effective in this capacity for the majority of our clinical sites.

What insurance plans do you take?

We try to participate with as many insurance plans as possible to minimize patients’ out-of-pocket costs. However, all insurers do not offer us rates that will allow us to maintain the cost of our services. The good news is that most states either have or are in the process of enacting balance billing laws to protect patients from balance bills. Federal initiatives in this respect are also on the table. Effectively, patients will not be held responsible for the full difference between the billed charge and what the insurance reimburses.

How soon can you start?

The time frame for implementing anesthesia services varies depending on the size and location of the surgical facility. Generally, four weeks is a comfortable margin of safety for outpatient surgical facilities. However, for urgent coverage needs, we have the agility to begin sooner.

Can we try your services to see if you are a good fit for us? We do not want to commit up front.

Yes, we can work with you on a trial basis if you are an outpatient facility. We have consistently proven ourselves and are confident that you will find that we add value to your practice.