Xenon Health Demonstrates Clinical and Operational Excellence Amid the COVID-19 Crisis

By April 15, 2020


Xenon Health demonstrates clinical and administrative excellence by revamping its infrastructure to provide anesthesia coverage to physicians for emergency cases during the COVID-19 crisis.



With the mobilization of resources to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, physicians have experienced difficulty in obtaining essential medical equipment and supplies for emergency procedures.



The highly experienced IT and operational staff at Xenon Health successfully orchestrated an emergency redistribution of resources within the framework of the quarantine, work-at-home guidelines. Our regional anesthesia technicians have leveraged their long-standing relationships with trusted vendors to quickly obtain necessary medical equipment and supplies for our clients. In less than a week’s time frame our experienced operations, recruiting, and billing staff seamlessly reestablished it clinical infrastructure at remote locations in compliance with all HIPAA regulations and industry standards. Therefore, all clients are fully equipped to perform emergency procedures in a safe and compliant manner.



Xenon Health is able to continue providing quality anesthesia services where necessary, giving surgeons and practitioners one less logistic hurdle to overcome in providing care for their patients in dire situations. Xenon Health continues to demonstrate administrative and operational excellence, proving itself once again as a trusted, reliable, and dependable perioperative partner for surgical centers and office-based practice nationwide.