Rapid Turnover for Time-Sensitive Cases

By December 21, 2020

Summary: Effective teamwork and communication among the Xenon Health team resulted in full anesthesia coverage for time-sensitive procedures. 




A fertility center needed anesthesia services for weekend cases and could not utilize their regular provider. Due to the nature of the procedure, the cases were scheduled the day before, and the center reached out to the Xenon Health team with less than 24 hours to spare. 




The recruitment team at Xenon Health utilized their experience with a fast-paced environment to address this time-sensitive situation. Team members quickly reached out to our anesthesia providers in the area, relying on seamless collaboration and clear communication to maximize efficiency. The team also began recruiting new providers to bolster our resources. Xenon Health has developed a rigorous screening process and robust recruitment strategy. 




The team demonstrated an outstanding ability to distribute tasks and determine priority. Within the given timeframe, Xenon Health was about to find, screen, and onboard an excellent new provider for this facility, ensuring that the patients received high-quality, compassionate, and timely care.