Embracing a Culture of Patient Safety

Xenon Health is a physician owned organization with its fundamental focus on patient safety. We provide anesthesia services to office-based surgical suites, ambulatory surgical centers and hospitals. Partnering with us means having the best providers from your local community working hand in hand with us to provide care to patients. Our anesthesiologists are experienced, board-certified and compassionate. Our CRNAs are experienced and have worked as independent practitioners in a myriad of settings and inspire confidence in our clients that spans the full clinical care spectrum.

How you Benefit



Xenon Health understands the challenges hospitals face in the evolving world of healthcare consolidation. Meeting the perioperative needs of an expanding community, increased accountability to government and private payers, an expanding body of regulations at federal and state levels, and expectations to leverage rapidly changing and complex technologies, all converge to test the capacity and bandwidth of hospital executives. We are here to help by partnering with you and delivering:


  • Impactful and value-added services
  • Increased OR efficiency
  • Comprehensive staffing
  • Reduced case cancellations and delays
  • Reduced costs

The OR suite is the primary revenue generating element for hospitals. Our objective is to help you achieve meaningful improvements to your financial health and the health of your patient population. Process improvement and efficiencies are realized through a framework of collaboration, data analysis, and identifying best practices. In an era of changing care delivery paradigms, selecting the right anesthesia partner is essential. Having the appropriate managerial infrastructure with experienced personnel is critical. Xenon Health delivers on the promise of leadership and quality improvement. We’ve delivered anesthesia care in more than a dozen states for close to one hundred client facilities. We have partnered with several hundred qualified anesthesia clinicians in our mission to deliver transformative perioperative care. Through this continuous cycle of deploying anesthesia services and deriving feedback from and engaging in a collective learning process with providers and stakeholders, we have continually refined our processes and gained experience in effective management. This pattern of iterative process improvement continues as we expand and clients nationwide realize the value of partnering with us.


Ambulatory Surgery Centers


ASC surgical volume has steadily increased over the last several years and will continue to do so as consumers seek lower out of pocket costs and innovation expands the breadth of outpatient procedures and surgery. Xenon Health has provided high quality and cost-effective anesthesia care to surgical centers for over a decade. Partnering with ASCs to help position them as efficient and competitive surgical delivery units within their communities, we have gained insights and experience in optimizing ambulatory workflow and increasing ASC stakeholder satisfaction. As an increasing number of surgical procedures migrate to free-standing surgical facilities and as partnerships with hospitals systems expand, ASCs will benefit from partnering with an anesthesia organization with the experience and resources to effectively deploy and manage anesthesia services that contribute to quality and cost mitigation. We have the depth and breadth of experience in aligning with and assisting these facilities in achieving their goals. Specifically, we have been impactful in having the appropriate number of quality providers, including backup providers, to consistently cover the staffing needs of our ASC partners. We have delivered measurable improvements in anesthesia provider staffing and the surgical volume of our client ASCs.

Close up of surgeon wearing headlamp

Office-Based Surgery

Xenon Health has been delivering anesthesia care to patients in office-based surgery settings since this trend emerged. Office-based procedures offer surgeons greater autonomy, provide convenience, and ensure extra comfort for patients, all while being less resource-intensive. Consequently, these cost savings benefit patients, employers, and payers. As the volume of office-based surgeries has increased over the years, states and regulatory bodies have established a growing number of guidelines for practitioners to follow. Over the past decade, having provided anesthesia care to over one hundred office-based surgical practices, we have honed our skills in adhering to these guidelines and policies set by various states and accrediting organizations.
Our approach to office-based surgery begins with assessing the specific needs of the surgical practice. We recruit anesthesia providers with the necessary skill sets, credential them with the office, evaluate equipment and supply needs for anesthesia, and have certified anesthesia technologists set up and maintain anesthesia equipment and supplies. We establish effective communication channels with office staff and stakeholders and offer continued management and support, including peer review processes and quality assessments. Our clients have consistently rated our providers as superior in satisfaction surveys, reflecting our commitment to excellence in office-based anesthesia care.
This shows the gauges on a hospital operating room anaesthetic machine.