Managing Provider Costs During Supply-Demand Constraints

By June 24, 2022



In order to manage provider costs during periods of increased demand, our team utilizes high volume data approaches to increase supply and continues to offer flexibility and good working experiences for providers.




Supply-demand imbalances pose challenges for the healthcare industry. In particular, surgical volume has resurged after pandemic-related disruptions to services, driving up demand for anesthesia providers broadly. As an anesthesia management company, Xenon Health must carefully control provider costs such that overall operating costs remain reasonable. At the same time, our goal is to continue providing the same high-quality care to patients and maintaining strong relationships with our clients.




The Xenon Health recruiting team has a comprehensive understanding of the anesthesia provider landscape according to geographic region and surgical specialty to inform decision making. Furthermore, our team has developed an extensive network of providers that facilitates finding the optimal fit for specific clients and situations, in terms of provider type, cost, and experience. The Xenon Health model also offers multiple benefits for providers, such as rapid administrative support, the flexibility to work with us based entirely on their schedule, and a good rapport with the surgeons and staff at our client sites. Building strong relationships with our clients also facilitates working actively with their staff on insurances and case volume.




Xenon Health continues to demonstrate excellence and consistency in our services. Our team makes data-informed decisions on financial viability and short- vs. long-term plans at each site. The joint efforts from our recruiting, billing, operations, and business teams have helped to refine our strategy and streamline our processes.