Secured and Unified Internal Communication

By April 15, 2021

Summary: Xenon Health created a secured unified communication system to support its nationwide footprint and continuously growing team, ensuring high-quality communication with and support for client facilities. 




As a result of Xenon Health’s nationwide footprint and high procedure volume, ensuring information security as well as improving communication efficiency is a complex challenge. Key operational goals include assimilating all main modes of communication, the ability to scale the system as needed, and streamlining while lowering cost. 




Xenon Health created a secured unified communication (UC) system in order to bring together the various enterprise communication applications used by team members. This system minimizes the number of vendors involved and can be controlled from a small set of dashboards. In addition, recording and monitoring functions were set up for calls and messages for quality assurance. In order to streamline communications, the Xenon Health team funneled multiple communication channels into the same pathway. 




The development of a secured UC system simplified the operational needs of the Xenon Health team and lowered operational cost. Furthermore, it allows for critical communication at all times and in all locations. As the company has grown, this system was easily scaled up to meet increased needs.