Expertise on State-Specific OBS Regulations

By June 24, 2022



Xenon Health utilizes its wealth of expertise to guide surgeons through regulations and requirements for office-based surgery (OBS).




Each state has its own regulations for the practice of medicine and OBS in particular. Furthermore, the regulatory landscape evolves continuously. Procedures in the office-based setting can have substantial benefits for both patients and providers, including reduced costs and an improved experience. Physicians who are interested in starting OBS may not have prior experience navigating requirements for registration and accreditation where applicable.




Xenon Health provides expertise and experience in understanding regulations and taking the necessary steps to meet any requirements. For example, our team developed a comprehensive checklist for Florida offices, who need to register with the state Department of Health based on the level of anesthesia planned for procedures. Similarly, Xenon Health works hands-on with clients in New York, a state with OBS requirements that are among the strictest nationwide, to elucidate the process and prepare for inspection.




Xenon Health has helped practices start in-office procedures nationwide. As a result, patients have benefitted by avoiding the high costs associated with hospital-based care, while surgeons have been able to improve efficiency and patient satisfaction. Our team also pays close attention to expected and recent changes to regulations to continue providing accurate guidance to our clients.