Navigation of Evolving Supervision Requirements for Nurse Anesthetists

By June 24, 2022



Xenon Health’s expertise on physician supervision requirements for certified nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) addressed a prospective client’s concerns and accelerated the finalization of the working relationship.




Practice guidelines and requirements for CRNAs differ by state and have also changed over time, with added turbulence from the COVID-19 pandemic. This leads to barriers to providing surgical care in the office-based or surgical center setting. A prospective client in Michigan was comfortable with CRNAs administering anesthesia from a clinical perspective but was uncertain about physician supervision requirements.




Xenon Health maintains up-to-date resources on requirements for CRNAs in our existing and potential markets, as well as data suggesting future changes. Furthermore, our team carefully gathered information during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic pertaining to relevant changes to healthcare practice regulations in response to the state of emergency. Xenon Health was well positioned to discuss with the prospective client the state of CRNA supervision requirements in Michigan – the three key points being a) the temporary, partial removal of the requirement in the beginning of the pandemic, b) the removal of the requirement at the state level in 2021, and c) the then anticipated federal opt-out.




Our team was able to quickly and thoroughly address the prospective client’s questions and concerns. In particular, we verified and shared the announcement that Michigan began the process of opting out of federal requirements for physician supervision of CRNAs immediately. Open discussion supported by our expertise led to a resolution that is suitable for both parties and the establishment of a strong working relationship.