Guiding a Surgeon Through Setting Up In-Office Procedures

By November 24, 2020
Setting up for in-office procedures, including anesthesia equipment and supplies

Summary: A private practice started in-office procedures with anesthesia with the assistance of Xenon Health. 



surgeon had previously performed procedures at a nearby facility. However, she wanted to move procedures into the office-based setting to improve patient satisfaction, increase efficiency, and decrease unnecessary exposure during the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, this practice reached out to Xenon Health for our comprehensive anesthesia services and experience with in-office set-up. 



Xenon Health gathered information about the surgeon’s private office and then worked with her to determine the office’s needs. Our highly experienced clinical operations team outlined what the surgeon would require in terms of office set-up, equipment, and supplies, which Xenon Health provides in addition to medical professionals. Thanks to our expertise as a management company, our team was also able to seamlessly guide the surgeon through registration and licensure requirements for her state, specialty, and scope of practice. 



The Xenon Health team guided this practice as they started in-office procedures. Team members coordinated to order, set up, secure, and maintain anesthesia equipment and supplies. Xenon Health quickly established a stable, successful relationship with this office, enabling them to expand their services and improve patient satisfaction.