Meeting Equipment and Medication Needs During Supply Chain Shortages

By July 4, 2022



Xenon Health has established clear, effective protocols for supply chain management that allow our team to efficiently mitigate shortages in the national and global supply chain. 




Xenon Health provides and maintains the anesthesia set-up for office-based practices utilizing our services, encompassing anesthesia equipment, medications, and supplies. Disruptions to the supply chain can lead to shortages, which pose a problem to our operations and the operations of the healthcare system broadly. For example, the COVID-19 pandemic led to sharp increases in demand for certain anesthesia-related medications and supplies, disrupted production, and an interruption of global trade and shipping. Other events can also cause supply chain shortages that must be navigated. 




Our team has implemented multiple strategies to navigate supply chain shortages and mitigate the effects thereof. To be maximally efficient with existing resources, Xenon Health predicts utilization at each of our client sites and allocates equipment, medications, and supplies according to need. To address acute shortages, certain supplies may be imported. To ensure long-term stability, our team a) stocks essential supplies, b) monitors what supplies are most commonly on back-order, and c) maintains a relationship with multiple trusted vendors. 




Xenon Health efficiently addresses supply chain shortages with proactive planning and rapid action as the situation evolves. Our team has not only been able to continue supporting client sites throughout challenging situations, but also been able to expand and scale up our operations.