Reliable Coverage at a Specialty Eye Hospital

By February 10, 2020


Backlog of cases eliminated at health system with consistent and reliable anesthesia healthcare professionals provided by Xenon Health




A major eye specialty hospital had a backlog of cases due to limited recruitment resources and thus, patient dissatisfaction and provider burnout. Consequently, the facility had an immediate need to fill vacancies with qualified, experienced and reliable anesthesia professionals. This vital task was outsourced to Xenon Health, a leading anesthesia management company, based on its overall stellar business reputation and track record of successful healthcare partnerships.




The highly experienced recruitment team at Xenon Health worked side-by-side with the facility to become familiar with their distinct hiring needs and together built a collaborative relationship with the goal to deliver quality providers. As staffing challenges intensified, our team began recruiting, interviewing and obtaining credentials of anesthesia providers from a comprehensive database, singling out potential candidates who exceeded the standards of the facility. Team members not only relied on this method but also employed other innovative recruitment strategies including social media searches and employment websites. Our meticulous but seamless credentialing process allows for the identification of skilled anesthesiologists who can thrive in the health system’s environment. These goals were ultimately achieved, and the health system was staffed with continuous top-tier anesthesia providers and support staff.




Xenon Health filled all staffing needs in half of the time allocated and thus, eliminated the backlog of cases but simultaneously also ensured patient satisfaction through quality healthcare professionals. The facility was able to considerably reduce recruitment costs and eagerly sought Xenon Health’s services in filling urgent and temporary positions as well. Client and provider surveys indicated positive results and overall satisfaction with the services and professionalism provided by our organization. As a result, the health system maintained its reputation and ongoing success which served as a catalyst to a continuing and ongoing relationship with our team.