Ensuring HIPAA-Compliant Communication

By March 15, 2021

Summary: The Xenon Health billing team ensures HIPAA-compliant and rapid communication through the implementation of powerful encryptions, meticulous data organization and clearing, and robust notification systems. 




As a medical group, protecting patient information and privacy is of utmost importance. Information security is a particularly important consideration when using digital communication platforms, such as email. In addition, the Xenon Health team emphasizes timely billing and responses to patient inquiries to improve patient satisfaction. 




Xenon Health utilizes an encrypted email platform for the billing team, where information is protected by powerful encryption delivered from a FIPS 140-2 verified crypto library. Individual messages can be additionally secured with password protection. Robust data removal protocols were set up in order to delete potentially sensitive information once processed, including a military-grade multi-pass erasure method. To facilitate rapid responses, HIPAA-compliant distribution systems were created to immediately notify relevant team members of updates. 




The Xenon Health team continues to uphold its goal of protecting patient privacy and maintaining information security through HIPAA-compliant communication. With tens of thousands of procedures each yearthe billing team prioritizes compliance, organization, and patient satisfaction.