Anesthesiologists and Hospitalists: Collaboration in the Perioperative Cycle

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Effective medicine is practiced in teams. This truth holds particularly in the surgical setting, where surgeons, anesthesiologists, internists and specialists work in tandem to plan and deliver the appropriate care to the patient. In discussions of the perioperative cycle, dialogue often diminishes when the patient has left the operating room. However, this post-operative time can be crucial in terms of the patient’s recovery and subsequent return to daily life. To address this need, hospitalists are essential practitioners for patients who have entered in-patient care following surgery. Moreover, anesthesiologists and hospitalists can collaborate in order to enhance perioperative care from intake to discharge.

Hospital Operation Room

Hospitalists are physicians who are dedicated to providing in-patient care for patients. To become a hospitalist, medical graduates must complete an internal medicine residency program. Specific residencies may include an emphasis on hospital medicine, by including hospitalist rotations or allowing residents to become involved with tailored research. Following residency, interested individuals can seek to complete a hospitalist fellowship