Chatbot with Company Information Retrieval and Employee Interaction

By November 14, 2023


This project aims to develop a highly interactive chatbot capable of engaging in natural conversations with users while providing information related to the company. The chatbot will be integrated into the company’s website or other online platforms to enhance user experience and deliver real-time company information.

Project Objectives:

Develop a chatbot with the following key features:

  1. Natural Conversation:

    • The chatbot should understand the user’s natural language queries and respond in a human-like manner.

    • The chatbot should have a conversation management system to maintain a coherent dialogue flow.

  2. Company Information Retrieval:

    • The chatbot should be able to answer common questions related to the company, such as company history, products or services, contact information, etc.

    • The chatbot should provide detailed information or guide users to relevant company resources, such as website pages or documents.

  3. User Support:

    • The chatbot should handle user queries, concerns, or complaints, provide appropriate solutions, or guide users to contact company representatives.

  4. Data Collection and Analysis:

    • The chatbot should have data collection and analysis capabilities to improve the quality of its conversations and responses.

    • The chatbot can track user feedback to enhance the user experience further.


  1. Strong programming and software development skills.

  2. Proficiency in deep learning, including experience with Large Language Models (LLM) development, application, and fine-tuning.

  3. Knowledge of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and chatbot development frameworks and libraries (e.g., Dialogflow, Rasa, or other open-source tools).

  4. Front-end and back-end development expertise to seamlessly integrate the chatbot into the company’s website or applications.

  5. Strong problem-solving and analytical skills.

  6. Effective communication and teamwork abilities.