Website/Social Media Response Tracking and SEO

By November 4, 2022

Xenon Health is looking for summer internship candidates for 2023, to join our team in implementing data science/machine learning projects and optimize global operations. Excellent opportunity to develop technical skills and practically apply academic cognizance. Compensation: $20 per hour. 


Project Title: Website/Social Media Response Tracking and SEO

Goal: To depict in both quantitative and qualitative manners the current traction and response for multiple company websites and social media platforms, plan SEO and design improvements, and analyze comparative content performance.

Description: The intern will be provided with details and access to all our websites and social media channels. The intern is expected to present an analysis of Google Search Console data combined with a machine learning clustering technique and provide an indication of what pages can be optimized to improve the organic traffic of a website. The aim is to be able to group the combination of pages that can be more easily improved by updating the title and the snippet that describes the article. The intern will then focus on optimizing technicalities and content for these websites to improve response rates and target a larger audience.


  • An exhaustive and detailed picture of current performance
  • Report of suggested improvements for content, design, SEO optimization, and website features
  • A machine learning model to present and optimize SEO results along with comparative traction analysis


To apply, please send your resume, transcript, and a copy of your standardized test scores (GRE/SAT/ACT etc.) to