Internal Revenue Cycle Management 

By November 4, 2022

Xenon Health is looking for summer internship candidates for 2023, to join our team in implementing data science/machine learning projects and optimize global operations. Excellent opportunity to develop technical skills and practically apply academic cognizance. Compensation: $20 per hour.


Project Title: Internal Revenue Cycle Management 

Goal: To perform a detailed analysis of the company’s current revenue workflow and suggest profitable improvements while identifying and implementing opportunities for process automation

Description: The intern will collect and clean operational expense data to obtain key variable statistics and perform data modeling to identify potential relationships. The aim is to clearly identify independent variables contributing to revenue and rank them according to influence/scope of improvement. The intern will be expected to present their findings as an organized visual database and identify opportunities where AI can be used to optimize revenue management and automate long-term performance.


  • A structured report and visual database of current revenue statistics and workflow
  • A clearly defined action plan including insights, recommendations, and limitations
  • Identifying areas of improvement and implementing opportunities for automating revenue management


To apply, please send your resume, transcript, and a copy of your standardized test scores (GRE/SAT/ACT etc.) to