Database Setup in AWS with Concurrent Data Analyses

By November 4, 2022

Xenon Health is looking for summer internship candidates for 2023, to join our team in implementing data science/machine learning projects and optimize global operations. Excellent opportunity to develop technical skills and practically apply academic cognizance. Compensation: $20 per hour.


Project Title: Database Setup in AWS with Concurrent Data Analyses

Goal: To accurately clean and process operational data and migrate to cloud storage in order to improve data management and maximize utilities, and perform several analyses to improve operational efficiency.

Description: The intern will be provided with access to operational data spreadsheets and information regarding the relationship between multiple sheets. The intern is expected to develop an entity-relationship model between multiple data sources, clean and organize the data, and migrate it effectively to AWS cloud. Further, the intern will be expected to analyze and present several trend reports for provider costs, site profits, resource utilization, etc. 


  • A well-established database in cloud with cleaned data
  • Accurate analysis reports with requirements
  • Visualization of the data analysis results in the form of interactive dashboards


To apply, please send your resume, transcript, and a copy of your standardized test scores (GRE/SAT/ACT etc.) to